Security and Fraud

Security and Fraud – We take security very seriously at Asian Gem Centre. Purchases made through our secure website, in person, or by phone, are subject to extensive security checks to prevent fraud and give our customers the highest assurances of security and safety.

For Online Orders

  1. We subscribe to various third party services that do extensive background checks to research if any fraud activity has been associated with the person purchasing an item.
  2. We will only ship to confirmed and authorized billing addresses.
  3. If an item is paid for by check we will confirm that the check was not written or issued fraudulently.
  4. We do not ship items that are paid by check until the check and funds have cleared.
  5. We communicate with our customers via phone or email for all orders.
  6. We check the billing and shipping addresses for all orders and contact the customer if there are any discrepancies.
  7. We review the geographic locations of our orders.
  8. We log all incoming IP addresses for our online orders.
  9. We verify all AVS and Card Code Verification details.
  10. In most cases we can only discuss the details of an order with the individual paying for the item.
  11. For clients returning merchandise, our return procedures must be followed per our instructions. Items will not be accepted unless an RMA has been issued (see our return section for more information).
  12. For international orders, we reserve the right to refuse payment methods that are not direct bank transfers. However, in most countries we subscribe to services that can verify and meet our needed security measures to confirm valid orders.
  13. We reserve the right to refuse a sale to any person or entity for any reason.
  14. We follow the laws relating to the United States Patriot Act.

Please Note: Attempted fraud will be vigorously pursued, reported, and prosecuted by all available legal means. Our staff and security detail are extremely skilled and dedicated to preventing and detecting fraud. We actively report all attempts of fraud to law enforcement authorities.