Ruby And Sapphire – Most Popular Jewelry Gemstones

Some of the most historic jewelry is made from ruby and sapphire. Not only this, these gemstones compliment diamonds very well and are often used in combination. Monarchs have used these gemstones in their crowns and royal jewelry.

Beyond their beauty, ruby and sapphire have much deeper significance. Here is a brief guide on what these gemstones signify and their importance as birthstones.


The blood red color of ruby is symbolic of love. The red ruby is one of the most precious gemstone and has been valued for centuries. Kings have queens have used this stone in their ornaments and crowns. Birthstone for the month of July, ruby is believed to bring good luck and wealth to its wearer. Whether this is true or not, buying a big red ruby can definitely cost you a lot.

Rubies are available in various shades of red. Depending upon the hue that they carry, rubies can be classified in various categories. The most coveted ruby is the Burmese Ruby which has a blood red color with a shade of blue in it. Some rubies often have a purple hue in them.


One of the most elegant gemstones, a blue sapphire is known as a symbol of honesty and thus often used in engagement rings. The birthstone for the month of September, it is the most classic blue gemstone of all. It draws its name from the Greek language where Sapphire means blue.

The hues in the blue of the sapphire vary, depending upon which part of the world they are from. These variations in the hue also change their values. However, it is not necessary that sapphires are only blue. They also come in pink, yellow and orange colors. These are very rare though and extremely valuable.

Ruby and Sapphire Jewelry

There are so many ways you can wear these gemstones. Some of the few and most popular ways to wear these gemstones are-

Engagement rings

Sapphire rings are only second to diamond engagement rings. As a symbol of honesty, there are often used in engagement rings. Ruby, again, being the symbol of love, is not far behind in the race. A stunning ruby surrounded by several small diamonds is a classic engagement ring design.

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