General FAQs

Where do your gemstones come from?

Countries Rubies come from – Myanmar, Madagascar, Mozambique, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia
Countries Sapphires come from – Myanmar, Kashmir, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Australia, Madagascar
Our stones are mine from the locations above, and cut in Sri Lanka and Thailand.

May I visit Asian Gem Centre?

Sure, our doors are always open for our customers. To schedule an appointment with us, call (800) 377-2545, or email

Can I request to see more than one item at a time?

If you see more than one item that you would like to preview, please call us directly at (800) 377-2545 to discuss your order. We usually allow customers to compare more than one item at a time in person. However, please do not purchase multiple items online that you do not intend to buy without notifying us first.

What kind of warranty/guarantee is there on my item?

Asian Gem Centre proudly stands behind our products and offers a full lifetime warranty. We guarantee our stones to be as described accurately. If the stone is not as stated in our item details, we offer a full refund policy.
This warranty is based on the condition of the item at the time of sale.
If you make a claim under this warranty, you must allow us to try to resolve your claim amicably. This includes allowing us to inspect the stone and conduct a gemological evaluation to assess your claim.

How can I safeguard my purchase against damage, theft, or a loss?

We recommend that you make arrangements with your homeowners' or renters' insurance carrier - or contact an independent insurer such as Perfect Circle.
Helpful hint: Compare rates and coverage before choosing a provider. Ask very specific questions regarding a full range of potential scenarios (E.g. "What happens if all my valuable gemstone jewelry gets lost or stolen?" or "What happens if my wedding ring or gemstone goes missing?"). Knowing your valuable and treasured gemstone is safely insured will give you peace of mind – and satisfaction in knowing you're protected.

Can I track my order?

Yes. On the day of shipment we'll email you shipping confirmation that includes order-tracking information. You'll be kept informed of the transportation process at every step. You may also access shipping information by using the "Order Status" link.

How is clarity graded?

While diamonds have an internationally established grading system, there is no official, standardized method to analyze clarity in sapphires and other gemstones. Usually, the jewelry industry grades colored gemstones, at eye level rather than the diamond standard of 10x magnification.
At Asian Gem Centre we grade the clarity of our sapphires on a comparative basis. We have over 70 years of experience dealing exclusively with rubies and sapphires. We have borrowed some of the standard diamond grading terms and applied them to sapphires to better assist customers who may be familiar with diamond clarity terminology (example: VS1, SI2).
Clarity Ratings
A+ Perfection: The stone is clean to the eye, but not necessarily at 10x magnification.
A Insignificant Inclusions: The stone has very small visible inclusions
B+ Very Slightly Included: Inclusions or small internal crystals are only slightly visible on close inspection
B Slightly Included: Inclusions or small internal crystals are visible on close inspection
C Included: Inclusions are visible

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept the following credit/debit cards:
Paying with a credit card is the safest and most secure way to pay; both the customer and the business are protected from fraud.
We also accept bank wire transfers and personal checks. If you would like to pay via one of these methods, please contact us so we can manually process your order.
You are welcome to contact us at (800) 377-2545 between 10AM and 6PM EST if you have any questions about ordering an item or our accepted payment methods.

Return FAQs

Can I return an item?

Our 30-day money back guarantee gives you time to make sure your purchase is perfect. If you need to return it for any reason, we'll happily provide you with an exchange or full refund. All you have to do is send an email at with your order number, and we will issue a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization). Please allow two weeks for your order to be processed. The customer only pays return shipping fees. Please note that to be eligible for return, items must be in their original purchase condition, include all product documentation, and shipped within 30 days.

Am I required to use Asian Gem Centre's return shipping method?

No. You may choose any carrier you prefer, but we highly recommend that you insure the shipment - particularly on items valued at $500 or higher. You are responsible for all lost items if you choose your own shipping methods.

Do I pay the return shipping costs?

Yes. We deduct FedEx shipping costs from your refund credit on return items under $500. For non-FedEx returns you will have to arrange your own shipping and cover any costs.

How should I package my return for shipping?

Set up the Return Merchandise Authorization online (or by calling Asian Gem Centre), and we'll send you an e-mail that walks you through correct packaging procedures.

How long will it take Asian Gem Centre to process my merchandise return?

On the average, about 4-5 business days from the time we received your item, enter it into our system, and pass it along to our Quality Assurance department (roughly 24 hours, Monday-Friday). For returned items, please allow an additional 2-3 days before the outbound package is shipped.

I am expecting my returned item to be replaced. How long does it take to reach me?

Once your return is processed allow 2-3 business days to receive the outbound package. On its shipping date, expect a confirmation e-mail no later than 5 P.M. PST.

Will I be notified during the merchandise returns process?

Yes. Once your package arrives at Asian Gem Centre, it takes 1-2 business days before you receive an e-mail alerting you that your return is being processed.

When should I expect to receive my return credit?

For U.S. Customers, allow 3-5 business days from the time of the confirmation e-mail for the funds to reach your account, from there, processing time may vary depending on your credit card company's funds transfer policy. For international credits, allow up to 7 additional days (M-F).

Will Asian Gem Centre update me during the return process?

Yes. You'll receive an e-mail from us alerting you that your return has been received, then another one alerting you it's been passed along to our Quality Assurance department. For returned items, we'll send you an e-mail with a shipping confirmation no later than 9 P.M. (EST) on the day it ships.