Sapphire Sources

Burmese and Kashmir sapphires are the most sought after varieties, known for their superior clarity, hue and saturation. Kashmir sapphires are mostly found in the resale market, since few sapphires are now mined from that war-torn region in Asia. Burmese sapphires of comparable quality also command high prices. Thailand has its superb quality Kanchanaburi alluvial-mined sapphires which are popular choices for high-end sapphire jewelry. They are relatively rare and of extraordinary beauty.

Since 1996, exceptional quality sapphires have been recovered from alluvial deposits derived from basaltic rocks in Madagascar (an island-nation off the coast of South-East Africa). The crystal morphology, growth patterns, inclusions, absorption spectra, and trace-elements of these Madagascar sapphires are almost indistinguishable from other basaltic-magmatic sapphires - these sapphires are extremely well priced and are often found in high-end exclusive jewelry.

Burma, Kashmir, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Madagascar, Australia, Cambodia, China, Colombia, Malawi, Nigeria, Tanzania, Vietnam and the US are well-known sources of this striking gemstone.